Stem Cells

I frequently explore issues related to identity and a sense of self. Yet this is my first body of work based on stem cells – the absolute key to who and what we are.

The pieces are inspired by skin stem cells and their role in healing and repair. A collection of imaginary glass cells explore the capacity for cells to differentiate – to reconstruct sites of damage. They are essentially Stem Cell Analogies. Meanwhile a small series of cast glass pieces reflect activities of wound healing and repair. They are aptly named Cylinders of Healing.

The pieces were made in 2015 as part of a science festival and in collaboration with Dr. Michaela Frye who is researching lung and skin stem cells at the Medical Research Council Stem Cell Institute in Cambridge.

Stem Cell Analogies

Imaginary cells (close-up) by Charlotte Morrison     Pint of Science photoshoot 5 009a

Imaginary cell structures in glass by Charlotte Morrison

Cylinders of Healing

Cylinders of Healing by Charlotte Morrison