Sexual identity as we understand it today is not a straight forward subject. And as it turns out there are probably no simple answers either. What is certain is that there is plenty to explore – both within science and art.

In the spring of 2016 I began collaborating with Gu Li – a Cambridge based scientist who researches the development of sexuality. Our collaboration formed part of the science festival – A Pint of science – and I made artwork in response to his research. This collaboration has resulted in artworks which visually explores sexual development and our capacity for having different sexual identities.

However, it is done though imaginary flowers – each one a different colour combination – each one with its’ own developing, changing and unfolding “personality”.

The work Unfolding currently consists of a series of collagraph prints, text pieces and kiln formed glass.  They may be identified and labelled, combined and paired in a variety of ways. Instead they are presented as an eclectic collection celebrating diversity and change.


The following is a list of the labels which currently appear in the works. It may be added to at any time

Straight   Trans   Asexual   Gay   Bisexual   Questioning   Crossdresser

Ace   Mostly Straight   Heteroflexible   Lesbian  

Fluid   Homoflexible   Queer   Pan