Dachau (2005)

The work on Dachau explores cultural, historical and personal dimensions of Dachau Concentration Camp.

After a visit to the camp in 2004 the subsequent work was based on a combination of own photography, information about the camp and historic activities and documentation.

It is ultimately a reflection on vastly contrasting human experiences and realities which co-existed at a time and place in history.

Floating prints are based on my photograph of a corner of the camp where people were shot. They are over-layered with remnants of the line of bodies I imagine having stood against the wall . Indications of bodily fluids also appear on the ground.  And a copy of a standard letter send out to the families of the victims appear in Books for the Women who waited and Portraits of the Lost.  The processing and stark objectification of people during this period in history is echoed in my chosen processes of working with the subject matter.