With a background in both fine art and psychology my artwork explores our changing relationship with ourselves and the world.

I undertake projects and make collections of work which explore different aspects of the human condition from a variety of perspectives – medical, personal and political/historical. And I am particularly interested in how multiple narratives may impact on what we see.

Based in Cambridge, UK I work as an independent artist and I also collaborate with other artists and professionals from different fields. .

Over the past 10 years I have exhibited regularly in the UK – most notably in London and Cambridge. More recently work has been accepted for international exhibition.

My practice embraces a variety of techniques and ways of working – reflecting both post-grad studies in glass at Central Saint Martins in London and an MA in Printmaking. Broadly I work in glass and porcelain, on paper and with print. Experimentation with materials, techniques and presentation is an integral part of my ongoing practice.

In the studio